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What is the TSI?
The TSI is a test that informs the university that a student is college ready. If a student does not pass the TSI, then he/she must enroll in developmental classes before he/she is allowed to start with the general education core (basics). Developmental classes do not count towards a college degree. The TSI is not a factor that is considered by university admission counselors. However, the student must submit a copy of their TSI scores to the university before being allowed to attend orientation.

What are the passing scores?
The TSI has 3 sections: Math, Reading, and Writing. Each section has no more than 25 questions. If additional questions are given, then the student has moved on to the diagnostic section. The passing score for the Math section is a 350. The passing score for the Reading section is 351. The writing section has a grammar part and an essay. The passing score for the grammar part is a 340. The passing score for the essay is a 4. If the student obtains an essay score of a 5, then he/she automatically passes the grammar section. 

How do I register for the TSI?
In order to register for the TSI, a student must provide the completion certificate of the pre-assessment activity. Please click on the following link to complete this task:

 TSI Pre-Assessment

A student must also provide the Apply Texas confirmation page that indicates the student has applied to South Texas College. Please click on the following link to complete this task:  

Apply Texas

Please submit BOTH form to the Go Center. The registration fee for each section is $5. We only allow students to take two sections at a time. The following flyer shows the dates that we will administer the TSI this academic year.

You MUST upload your Apply Texas and Pre-Assessment documents via your GO Center google classroom link. There is a 20 student limit and
registration is on a first come first serve basis. 
*At this time only Seniors have access to this link.

How do I prepare for the TSI?

TSI Reading, Writing, and Math Practice
TSI Essay Practice
Free TSI App

How do I get my scores?
Please pick up TSI scores at the Go Center.

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