College Events

College Events
If you are interested in visiting any of these Colleges/Universities, please stop by the Go Center to register and get a pass.  
U of H

 The University of Houston will be
visiting on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 10am.
UTSA A&M Corpus
 The University of Texas San Antonio and Texas A&M Corpus Christi will be visiting on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at 1:30pm.
 TX State
 Texas State University will be visiting on Thursday, Sept. 5th at 1:30pm.
 Texas A&M College Station will be visiting on Monday, Sept. 9th at 1:30pm
 Engineering Academy  The Engineering Academy will be visiting on Tuesday, Sept. 10th at 8:30am.
 TCU Texas Christian University will be visiting on  Monday, Sept. 23rd at 1:30pm
 John Hopkins
 John Hopkins University will be visiting on Tuesday, Oct. 1st at 1:30pm.
Amherst College
Amherst College will be visiting on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd at 1:15pm.
 Kingsville  Texas A&M Kingsville will be visiting  on Friday, Oct. 4th at 1:30pm. Also they will be having "On the Spot Admissions' @2.
 Brown  Brown University will he visiting on Monday, Oct. 7th at 2:30pm.
 St. Mary's  St. Mary's University will be visiting on Monday, October 15th at 2:00pm.

 The University of the Incarnate Word will be visiting on Thursday, Oct. 17th at 2:05pm for "On the Spot Admissions"
Wabash College will be visiting on Friday, Oct. 18th at 1:30pm. 















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tx state