Fun Links for Woodwinds

Music Racer
Compete against others in this note reading game!

Fun Note Reading Quiz
How fast can you go?

Mark Shepard's Flute Page
Huge page of all things flute!

Flute Master James Galway
My Hero

Virtual Flute Fingering Trainer
Practice your flute fingerings on a virtual flute!

Clarinet Master Julian Bliss
Make sure you check out his videos!

Clarinet Space
Fun Clarinet Site

Fun clarinet information

Virtual Clarinet Fingering Trainer
Practice your clarinet fingerings on a virtual clarinet!

Erik Ronmark, Classical Saxophonist
Recordings, lessons, and links

Eric Marienthal, Jazz Saxophonist
Free lessons online

Dave Koz, Saxophone

Ray Still, Oboist
Principal Oboist of the Chicago Symphony

The Oboe Site
Tribute to the Beautiful, Amazing Oboe

Virtual Oboe Fingering Trainer
Practice your oboe fingerings on a virtual oboe!

Bassoon Fingering Trainer
Click on the virtual bassoon keys to finger the given notes.

Savy Bassoonist
Website with bassoon links and info.

Music and the Bassoon

UT Austin's bassoon site for beginners through advanced players.  Free lessons and music!