Anatomy Syllabus

Instructor: Phillip S. Romero Jr.                     Room:  150

Phone: 580-5300  Ext 1361                            Conference: 2nd Block

Tutoring: Wednesday and Thursday ( 7:30am- 8:00am)

Course Description:  -    This course will include a yearlong program of intense human anatomy and physiology studies. The areas covered will include: anatomical terminology, basic chemistry, cell and tissue structure, and the 11 systems of the human body (integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive). Laboratory work will be required, including a 1-2 week comparative anatomy dissection lab using the cat.

Course Information:  -   To introduce students to human anatomy and physiology, with emphasis on the systems of the body and how they are interrelated.  Students will be required to do dissections and maintain a lab book; therefore the materials required for this class include: Clorox wipes, paper towels, latex gloves and spiral notebook

Course Outline:  Instructional days will include: checking/reviewing assignments, quizzes, writing assignments, lecture/ explanation, lab activities and individual practice questions.

Textbook and Resources:  Goodheart-Wilcox-Introduction to Anatomy, teacher made, Goodheart- Wilcox and LTF labs, Sapling, science/technology based videos and documentaries, internet, scientific periodicals, newspapers and other relevant media. 

Instructional Procedures and Support: The teacher will be available for tutoring in the morning.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help when needed and for making the required transportation arrangements.  Retesting will be available in accordance with SISD High School Grading Policies. 

Classroom Management Procedures:  District Policy Will Be Enforced. 

Classroom Expectations:  As per district policy major exams/assignments will count for 60% of the student’s grade.  Labs (reports), quizzes, and home/class work will account for the remaining 40%.  All students will be given up to 3 additional days to redo a failing major assignment, but the grade will be no higher than a 70.  All students will be given 3 additional days to make up a major assignment if late (with a progressive grade penalty of 10 points per day.)

Statement for Academic Dishonesty:  Academic integrity is fundamental to the activities and principles of our school.  No student shall cheat or copy the work of another.  Plagiarism, the use of another person’s ideas or writing as one’s own without giving credit to the true author, will be considered cheating, and the student will be subject to academic disciple that may include loss of credit for the work in question.