Syllabus for Geometry



C. Reyna

(956) 580-5300 ext 1219



Course Description:

Topics covered include the language of geometry (points, lines, planes and angles), reasoning and proofs (paragraph, two column, flow, indirect, and coordinate), parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, applications of congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, similarity, right triangles and trigonometry, circles, polygons and area, surface area and volume, coordinate geometry, and transformations.


Course Objective:

Students will acquire and demonstrate knowledge of concepts, definitions, properties, and applications of the topics listed above as well as develop the computational skills and strategies needed to solve problems. Students will develop critical thinking and decision making skills by connecting concepts to practical applications.



60% Major Assignments: Tests, Reports, Projects

40% Minor Assignments: Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Binders

**see district grading policy for specifications**


Required Materials:                                                Expectations:        

  • Loose leaf paper/Folder or Binder                 *Be on time and prepared
  • Pencil &colored pencils                                   *Be respectful
  • Compass & protractor                                     *No horse playing
  • Composition book (graph paper)                    *Bring your workbook and supplies
  • Batteries/Hand sanitizer/ Tissues                    *Follow School Rules


Tutoring:  Monday and Wednesday 4:00-4:30 or by appointment.

     My conference time is 5th Block  2:30 PM to 4:00 PM.


Course Schedule:  This is tentative and subject to change.


Unit 1:  Logical Argument and Constructions; Proofs and Congruence


Topic 1:  Tools of Geometry

            1-1:  Points, Lines, and Planes

            1-2:  Measuring Segments

            1-3:  Measuring Angles

            1-4:  Exploring Angle Pairs

            1-5:  Basic Constructions


Topic 2:  Reasoning and Proof


            2-1:  Patterns and Conjectures

            2-2:  Conditional Statements

            2-3:  Biconditional and Definitions

            2-4:  Deductive Reasoning

            2-5:  Reasoning in Algebra and Geometry

            2-6:  Proving Angles Congruent


Topic 3:  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


            3-1:  Lines and Angles

            3-2:  Properties of Parallel Lines

            3-3:  Proving Lines Parallel

            3-4:  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

            3-5:  Parallel Lines and Triangles

            3-6:  Constructing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

            3-7:  Equations of Lines in the Coordinate Plane

            3-8:  Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

            3-9:  Comparing Spherical and Euclidean Geometry


Topic 4:  Congruent Triangles


            4-1:  Congruent Figures

            4-2:  Triangle Congruence by SSS and SAS

            4-3:  Triangle Congruence by ASA and AAS

            4-4:  Using Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles

            4-5:  Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles

            4-6:  Congruence in Right Triangles

            4-7:  Congruence in Overlapping Triangles


Topic 5:  Relationships Within Triangles


            5-1:  Midpoint and Distance in the Coordinate Plane

            5-2:  Midsegments of Triangles

            5-3:  Perpendicular and Angle Bisector

            5-4:  Bisectors in Triangles

            5-5:  Medians and Altitudes

            5-6:  Indirect Proof

            5-7:  Inequalities in One Triangle

            5-8:  Inequalities in Two Triangles



Topic 6:  Polygons and Quadrilaterals


            6-1:  The Polygon Angle-Sum Theorems

            6-2:  Properties of Parallelograms

            6-3:  Proving That a Quadrilateral Is a Parallelogram

            6-4:  Properties of Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares

            6-5:  Conditions for Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares

            6-6:  Trapezoids and Kites


Unit 2:  Coordinate and Transformational Geometry


Topic 7:  Coordinate Geometry


            7-1:  Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

            7-2:  Applying Coordinate Geometry

            7-3:  Proofs Using Coordinate Geometry


Topic 8:  Transformational Geometry


            8-1:  Translations

            8-2:  Reflections

            8-3:  Rotations

            8-4:  Symmetry

            8-5:  Compositions of Rigid Transformations

            8-6:  Congruence Transformations

            8-7:  Dilations

            8-8:  Other Non-Rigid Transformations


Unit 3:  Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry


Topic 9:  Similarity


            9-1:  Similar Polygons

            9-2:  Similarity Transformations

            9-3:  Proving Triangles Similar

            9-4:  Similarity in Right Triangles

            9-5:  Proportions in Triangles


Topic 10:  Right Triangles and Trigonometry


            10-1:  The Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse

            10-2:  Special Right Triangles

            10-3:  Trigonometry

            10-4:  Angles of Elevation and Depression


Unit 4:  Circles


Topic 11:  Circle Measurement


            11-1:  Circles and Arcs

            11-2:  Radian Measure

            11-3:  Areas of Circles and Sectors

            11-4:  Circles in the Coordinate Plane


Topic 12:  Theorems About Circles


            12-1:  Tangent Lines

            12-2:  Chords and Arcs

            12-3:  Inscribed Angles

            12-4:  Angle Measures and Segment Lengths


Unit 5:  Two-Dimensional And Three-Dimensional Figures


Topic 13:  Area


            13-1:  Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

            13-2:  Areas of Trapezoids, Rhombuses, and Kites

            13-3:  Areas of Regular Polygons

            13-4:  Perimeters and Areas of Similar Figures

            13-5:  Trigonometry and Area


Topic 14:  Surface Area and Volume


            14-1:  Three-Dimensional Figure and Cross Sections

            14-2:  Surface Areas of Prisms and Cylinders

            14-3:  Surface Areas of Pyramid and Cones

            14-4:  Volumes Prisms and Cylinders

            14-5:  Volumes of Pyramids and Cones

            14-6:  Surface Areas and Volumes of Spheres

            14-7:  Surface Areas and Volumes of Related Solids


Unit 6:  Probability


Topic 15:  Probability


            15-1:  Experimental and Theoretical Probability

            15-2:  Geometric Probability

            15-3:  Permutations and Combinations

            15-4:  Compound Probability

            15-5:  Conditional Probability With Frequency Tables

            15-6:  Conditional Probability Formulas