World History Pre-AP/CP Syllabus 2017

World History


Teacher:  Jordan Meiners                                       


Teacher Contact Information:

                                                          (956) 580-5300 ext. 1368


Available Tutoring TimeTutoring Time: 7:30 – 8:00 (Tuesday/Thursday)

Conference :  2nd Block 


Course Outline/Timeline:

             Unit 1: The Ancient World                                  


            Unit 2: The Post-Classical Era


            Unit 3: Connecting Hemispheres (1450-1750)


            Unit 4: The Age of Revolution (1750-1914)


            Unit 5: The Modern World (1914 to Present)


List the topics covered in the class by week. Identify any major projects or assessments. 

First Semester/First Term



Week 1

Unit 2 Chapter 5 – The Rise of River Valley Civilizations

Week 2

Chapter 6 – The “Classical Era” in the West

Week 3

Chapter 7 – The “Classical Era” in the East

Week 4

Unit 3 Chapter 8 – The Middle Ages in Europe

Week 5

Chapter 9 – The Islamic World and Africa

Week 6

Chapter 10 – Post-Classical Asia and Beyond

Week 7

Unit 4 Chapter 11 – The Renaissance and Reformation

Week 8

Chapter 12 – The Americas: Pre-Columbian Empires to Colonies

Week 9

Mid-Term Exam (Ch. 5-12)

Second Semester/Second Term



Week 1

Chapter 13 – The Old Regime: Absolutism and Enlightenment

Week 2

Unit 5 Chapter 14 – The Age of Democratic Revolution

Week 3

Chapter 15 – The Industrial Revolution

Week 4

Chapter 16 – Imperialism: Europe Reaches Out

Week 5

Unit 6 Chapter 17 – World War I and the Russian Revolution

Week 6

Chapter 18 – The Great Depression and World War II

Week 7

Chapter 19 – Decolonization and the Cold War

Week 8

Chapter 20 – Challenges in Our World Today

Week 9

Final Exam (Ch. 13-20)




Textbooks/Materials/Suggested Readings:


Mastering the TEKS in WORLD HISTORY - This book is written in a student-friendly manner with clear and insightful explanations, accompanied by a plethora of historical maps and illustrations. The book weaves together all of the TEKS in world history in a narrative framework that your students can easily follow.



Glencoe – WORLD HISTORY – This book is a comprehensive course text that covers prehistory to the present day, helps link the events of the past with the issues that confront students today. It motivates and engages students in meaningful learning as they develop an understanding of the world’s cultures and an appreciation for the interdependence of world regions.


Prentice Hall – WORLD HISTORY: Connections to Today - Developed specifically to be used in the first part of a two-year global history course, this text covers world history through the Enlightenment period.


Classroom Expectations:

  Be on time

   (See Policy) BYOD

    Be honest.

    Focus on your own learning.

   Use appropriate language and behavior on campus

Treat everyone in and out of our classroom with the same respect and dignity you would like reciprocated.


Expectations and Protocol:


            1st unwise choice=Verbal Warning

            2nd unwise choice=Student Conference
            3rd unwise choice=Parent Contact

            4th unwise choice=Referral (Level I)

 Required materials:

1) 2 subject notebook
2) colored pencils
3) Pens (variety of colors)  

Statement for Academic Dishonesty:

Integrity of scholarship is essential for an academic community. Sharyland ISD expects that both faculty and students will honor this principle and in so doing protect the validity of Sharyland High School intellectual work. For students, this means that all academic work will be done by the individual to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind.

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