Fine Arts


The Sharyland High School Fine Arts Department
Department Head:  Tim Watkins

Through studies, the myth of all students being either right brained or left brained
thinkers has been debunked.  
We have found that all students learn with a
combination of the creative and the 
logical sides. 

As artists, we help the student develop the whole brain by providing 
to express their creativity and their individuality. We build the 
student’s confidence
through performance and expression while maintaining 
one of the exceptional
Fine Arts programs in South Texas.


Art Teachers:  Andria Alvarez, Juan Saenz, Raul Pérez

Students learn to create art works in drawing, painting, and a variety of mediums. Students keep a portfolio, a folder and a sketch pad diary.

Courses Offered

  • Art I-IV
  • Art Appreciation (Dual Enrollment)
  • Photoshop
  • Sculpture

Theatre Arts

Director: Angel Leal

Theater Arts I incorporates basic acting techniques, the role of the actor interpreting dramatic literature, and the historical evolution of performance styles as a basis for Theater Productions. Theater Productions require that student act on stage in front of an audience in the course.

Courses Offered

  • Theatre Arts I
  • Theatre Production I-IV
  • Theatre Appreciation (Dual Enrollment)


Head Band Director: Marc Perea
Assistant Directors:  Frank Salinas, Patrick Schmidt, Beth Van Epps

The Mighty Rattler Band has a reputation for excellence in the Rio Grande Valley and in the State of Texas. Students develop skills that allow them to be successful as a marching band, in UIL concert and sight reading contest, UIL solo and ensemble contest, and All-State band.

Courses Offered

  • Marching Band I-IV
  • Applied Music I-II
  • Concert Band I-IV


Choir Director: Tim Watkins

"Music must always be an integral part of the education process. Every human being should have the opportunity to experience and share, through music, those emotions that uplift mankind, nurture the quality of life, and give depth and meaning to our existence. Beauty, aesthetics and a realization of all emotions through the arts are a precious part of the human experience. They are ever present in music. Without them life would have little meaning." (Richard Floyd) The choral program of Sharyland endeavors to keep this opportunity available through vocal music courses. Learning the correct way to breathe and produce music makes the student realize that music does not just happen; and good music takes work. "Working for pleasure" is our goal in the choral music department.


Courses Offered

  • Varsity Treble Choir
  • Mixed Choir


Director:  Monica Martinez Lopez
Dancers will explore different opportunities that dance can offer the individual.  This course will prepare the student for performance and develop awareness for the body’s movement. 

Courses Offered

  • Folklorico I-IV
  • Dance I-IV


Directors:  Juan Carlos Lopez, Juan Gilberto Vazquez, Emmanuel Pena

Courses Offered

  • Mariachi JV
  • Mariachi Varsity
  • String Ensemble