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About Us: 

The Sharyland High School’s Social Studies Department consists of World Geography, World History, American History, United States Government, Economics, and Special Topics in Social Studies Courses. Courses are taught as either college prep (CP), Pre-AP(Advancement Placement), Dual-Enrollment, or AP classes. The Pre-AP, AP,and Dual-Enrollment classes are more rigorous and challenging. Students analyze the political, social, economic and cultural issues in the United States and around the world. Students are also afforded an opportunity to collect, and interpret data. All students are also presented with domestic and foreign issues, the roles of government, and the democratic process. The use of technology in the classroom and computer labs are also utilized by teachers and students. Patriotism is always stressed and encouraged.

Department Chair: Mr. Robert Barbosa
Supervising Administrator:
Courses Offered:
  • World Geography (CP & Pre-AP)
  • World History (CP, Pre-AP, & AP)
  • U.S. History (ESL, CP, Pre-AP, AP, & Dual)
  • U.S. Government / Economics (CP, Pre-AP, AP, & Dual)
  • Special Topics in Social Studies I
  • Special Topics in Social Studies II

"Kids deserve the right to think
that they can change the world."
-Lois Lowry, Author of The Giver