Teacher Resources

Helpful Websites

Sheryland School District Software Resources Section how to setup my classroom computer

http://www.online-stopwatch.com/  free online stopwatch

copyright quiz  test your knowledge

copyright and fair use   for more information on this important topic

copyright handouts/ videos  even more facts about copyright

animoto.com  awesome video creation website

quizlet.com  helpful flash card / vocabulary skill building website

wordle.net   cloud tag / word picture site

Piclits   A creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords

Visuwords   online graphical dictionary/ thesaurus for writers, students, teachers, and artists

Equipment Checklist   print this pictorial equipment checklist and bring it with you when you return your technology at the end of the year

Medical Case Studies  actual medical case reviews

Virtual Autoposy   working through real scenarios students can try an calculate cause of death

ScienceProfOnline   quizzes and powerpoints on science topics