Okefenokee Swamp

Read about this Florida Reserve from two different speakers. Understand the difference in writing styles and the purpose of it.

The Faces of the Sentence

Understand simple, compound, & complex with visuals

8 Parts of SPeech

Visual Grammar

Basic SYntax

Review the 4 types of sentences... but we will be asking WHY the author uses particular kinds in writing. We'll ask WHAT it reveals. Sounds like lots of interrogating ;)

Connotation & Denotation

My 6 year old answers some questions about two words that are practically the same, yet oceans different! If the videos don't work, I have placed them separately for you to see.


In order to understand poetry on a basic and deeper level, it is important to practice TPCASTT with it. Take notes on this prezi to understand the acronym's meaning and sequence. You will be reading poetry this week and applying the TPCASTT model to it.