Sanchez, Julissa - ELA

English  II CP, Pre-AP & English III AP

Mrs. Julissa Sanchez
Room 145  Ext. 1339
Term ONE: 1st: English II 
     2nd: Conference
                3rd: English II Pre-AP 
              4th: English II 
                 5th:  English II Pre-AP  

Term TWO: 1st: English II Pre-AP 
     2nd: English III AP
                3rd: Conference 
              4th: English II 
                 5th:  English III AP  

An environment that cultivates curiosity, the seeking of knowledge, and the construction of products that showcase learning!
Itis my goal to facilitate learning intrinsically by cultivating learningfrom topics and subjects of interest.  By deliving into variousconnective novels, short stories, poems, and speeches, students acquiredeeper thinking and writing skills.