Guerra, Tanya - ELA Department Chair

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Tanya M. Guerra
Rm. 144 Main Bldg 
Ph. 580-5300 EXT. 1347

 Hey kiddos,
There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times. Although we all are new to working through an event such as this, I know that we will come out the better for it. It is an odd time but just think, you can say that you lived through the great quarantine of 2020! Lived... that's the operative word. Get off of your phone, turn off Netflix, and stop playing those video games until all hours of the night. Instead, try to follow your regular schedule, get up earlier, and LIVE!! This is the moment to take advantage of your time with your family. Get to know them a little better, reconnect with them. Remember how you looked forward to your weekends? Well think of this as just that... an extended at home stay that is a just a tad bit longer than a weekend. Enjoy the slower pace, try a new hobby, or get back into an old one that perhaps you left because you were too busy; right after you log on to your virtual classes and complete your schoolwork, of course! Rest, recharge, and renew yourselves. We will come back from this, and we will come back stronger than ever! So....stay safe, stay inside, and wash your hands!
Your teacher, 
Mrs. Guerra


  •   1994 Sharyland High School Graduate


  • Bachelor of Arts in History and English from UTPA 
  • Certifications: English Language Arts 8-12    
  • English as Second Language
  • Currently teaching  English Pre AP Accelerated, and English I
  • SHS TAFE Club Sponsor

Daily Schedule:

1st Block       Conference/Planning
2nd Block       English I-Pre AP Accelerated
3rd Block       English I
4th Block       EOC/Dept.Planning
5th Block       English I 
Tutoring:       Tuesday- Thursday 4:05- 4:35