Syllabus:  English I


Instructor:   S. Dickenson

Classroom:    Room 138

Phone:           580-5300 ex: 1300 



Course Objectives: 

            The objectives of this course include developing students’ understanding of the history and cultural progress of our country through literature conveying the perceptions and experiences of American authors.  Students will analyze and contextualize the evolution of literature reflective of American literacy periods from the Puritan era through modern times by exploring the customs and norms of each period as revealed through unique perspectives from a variety of authors.  Students will also continue to improve their writing skills by understanding that form is related to function, that meaningful writing requires authors to choose the most effective voice and genre according to their purpose and audience. Students will also express maturity in their writing through a variety of sentence structures and syntactical methods as well as through sophisticated vocabulary and diction.


Primary Learning Goals:

By the end of the course students will:

ü  Analyze, compare and evaluate various works of literature—read between the lines;

ü  Understand that effective authors of fiction, non-fiction and poetry carefully consider the stylistic choices as they pertain to purpose and audience;

ü  Discern and analyze the rhetorical strategies authors employ and consider applying some of these strategies to enhance their own writing when appropriate;

ü  Demonstrate serious engagement with the readings through close reading and analytical writing;

ü  Participate in active class analytical discussions/seminars;

ü  Express analysis and practice writing skills through academic writing assignments and in-class essays;

ü  Express themselves through creative writing and free writing;

ü  Apply steps of the writing process as they write;

ü  Apply spelling, proofreading, basic grammatical and editing skills to augment their writing;

ü  Continue to develop sophisticated sentence structures and syntax-subordination and coordination;

ü  Demonstrate a knowledge of the basic design and types of multi-paragraph essays;

ü  Improve their vocabulary skills primarily in the context of the literature;

ü  Develop and apply the study and research skills necessary for academic success;

ü  Develop and apply oral skills;

ü  Arrange and apply listening skills;

ü  Arrange writing conferences for the individual instruction;

ü  Demonstrate their comprehension of the material through regularly scheduled quizzes and tests.


Classroom Policies on Processed Writing Assignments:

ü  Each essay question composed outside of class must include a self-evaluation involving the following questions:

ü  1.   Did you stick with your original topic or did you change it along the way?  Why?

ü  2.   What problems did you encounter during the process of creating the essay?

ü  3.   List two of the most important changes that you made.  Why did you make them?

ü  4.   What part of your essay are you proud of?  Why?

ü  5.  Rough drafts of essays composed outside of class are subject to in-class peer review.

ü  6.  Students are encouraged to conference with prior to submitting final drafts.



English I CP 2019-2020


Mrs. Sherry Dickenson                                              Room:  138

956-580-5300 Ext.  1300                       

Conference: 8:05-9:30                                        Tutoring:  Mon/Tues  7:15 – 7:45


Class Schedule:








English I PRE-AP



English I CP



Practical Writing



English I PRE-AP




English I Course Objectives: 

This course will develop students’ academic skills in:


  • Reading
    • Literary: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, & Literary Nonfiction
    • Informational: Expository, Persuasive, Procedural, & Non-Visual
  • Writing
    • The Writing Process
    • Expository
    • Persuasive & Procedural Writing
  • Oral & Written Conventions
    • Academic Language
    • Handwriting, Capitalization & Punctuation
    • Spelling
  • Research
    • Research Plan, Gathering Sources, Synthesizing Information, & Organizing & Presenting Ideas
  • Listening & Speaking
    • Individual & Teamwork



Evaluation Methods and Grading Criteria:

60% -Major Grades: This includes tests, research paper(s), major projects, essays, & benchmarks

40% -Minor Grades: This includes homework, daily exercises, quizzes and in-class checks


“All students will be given up to 3 additional school days to redo a FAILING MAJOR ASSIGNMENT but the grade will be no higher than a 70. The teacher has the option of assigning an alternative major assignment and may require additional tutoring, assignments, etc., as appropriate. The teacher will indicate in the gradebook that the assignment was redone. This provision does NOT apply to PreAP, Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers), or AP students.”


Late Work“All students will be given 3 additional days ( 2 days for PreAP, AP, and DE taught by SISD teachers) to make up LATE MAJOR ASSSIGNMENT and may be required additional tutoring, assignments, etc., as appropriate (with a progressive grade penalty of 10 points per day, 15 points/day for PreAP/AP/Dual Enrollment taught by Sharyland ISD teachers). PreAP/AP/ Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers) students will not be allowed to submit late minor work.”


Classroom Rules and Procedures:

  • ·-Upon arriving to class every day, students will sit in their assigned seats and begin the daily

     assignment, which will be listed on the board.

  • ·-Students will maintain respect for the teacher, as well as fellow classmates, at all times.
  • ·-No food or drinks (Water is ok).
  • ·-Students will raise their hands to speak in class.
  • ·-Keep classroom neat and clean.
  • ·-Bring all materials to class.
  • ·-No Cell Phones!!
  • ·-ALWAYS do your BEST!




Students with an EXCUSED absence (including off-campus suspension) will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed, with a maximum of five days. Students who are absent but had prior notice of a major or minor assignment must complete the assignment on the first day back to school. Student will receive a zero for any major or minor assignment not made up within the allotted time.  Students with an UNEXCUSED absence may not make up missed work.


Group Work:

Learning will be a collaborative effort in this classroom. I expect you to respect your fellow classmates. You will disagree with one another from time to time, but it is important to respect the opinions of others at ALL times. Disrespect is unacceptable.


Classroom Policies on all Writing Assignments:

Many of our writing assignment in this class will be shared with your peers through writing workshops or in-class activities. This means that your classmates will be reading your writing. Be conscious of the subject matter in your writing. ALL writing assignments are to be written legibly or typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.



Bring to Class Everyday:

  • Black Ink Pens
  • Pencils & Eraser
  • School paper
  • Sturdy folder
  • 2 Composition books (70 page college rule)
  • 4x6 Post-its
  • Highlighters
  • Large glue stick
  • Small scissors
  • Good attitude J