Syllabus 2016-2017 Health Science Clinicals

Health Science-Clinical Rotations

Course Syllabus




Instructor: Mrs. Mary Cantu

956/580-5300 ext. 1374                          Room 235/lab   

Office Hours: 10:00-11:00 am.      


Tutoring available Monday and Thursday 4:15-4:45 pm. or by appt.


Textbook: DHO-Diversified Health Occupations 8th Ed: Simmers

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Study Guide


Prerequisite:  Completion of Principles of Health Science, HS Committee interview and teacher approval


Required supplies:                         

·         Two Nursing scrubs with patch                      

·         TB screen (hospital required)  Due date:  October 1, 2016 ( no exceptions)

·         Hepatitis B (hospital required) Due date:   December 1, 2016 ( no exceptions)            

·         Note pad, pen, watch, white leather shoes for hospital

·         A simple watch with no jewelry or charms

·         Copy of current vaccinations ( hospital required)  Due date October 1, 2016

·         Flu shot ( hospital required)     Due date: October 1, 2016 ( no exceptions)                                          

 Course Outline:

The Health Science Clinical Rotations course is designed to provide for the development of advanced knowledge and skills related to a wide variety of health careers. The course will be taught using different methodologies such as clinical rotation and career preparation learning. Students will have hands-on experiences by clinical rotation education at Rio Grande Regional Hospital; and the career preparation learning through the development of a professional portfolio following the guidelines of the National Consortium of Health Science Education. Clinical Certified Medical Assistant Certification will be issued upon passing of the required exam in May.


Topics include:

History of health care and health care systems               Careers in health care

Leadership and Communication                                     Ethical / Legal Issues

Employability Skills / Professionalism                            Cultural Diversity          

Human growth and development                                    Body systems and function

Prevention of Disease and Infection Control                   CPR/BLS/AED

Safety / Government Regulations                                   Vital Signs/Nursing skills





Grading Policy:

40% grade: Daily Grade (daily assignments, participation, and quizzes)

60% grade: Tests, Labs, and Major projects

As per SISD policy, any missed work is the student’s responsibility.  You will be responsible for obtaining any missed assignments, notes or handouts. You will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed.  If you are absent but had prior notice of an assignment, the assignment is due on the first day back.  Any work that is late may be accepted and given a maximum grade of 70. 


Class Participation Rules:



1.   Be in your seat when the bell rings. I will dismiss the class.

2.   HSTE assignments are the only work to be done in class.  Any other assignments will be picked up.

3.   When a visitor is in the room, please show courtesy and respect.

4.   You will be responsible for obtaining any missed assignments, notes / handouts, at the hanging files in class.  Current events may acceptable as extra credit; however, you must make prior arrangements with me.

5.   Students will be required to be prompt and wear a pressed uniform (scrubs), watch and clean shoes. Hospital dress code will be strictly enforced including no piercing and markings, nail polish or jewelry.

6.   Students not conforming to these expectations will need to report to ISS and will receive a “0” for that day’s clinical rotation grade. (This includes being late)

7.   No food or drinks in the classroom or HST lab except water.

8.   Your behavior AT ALL TIMES should reflect credit to you and our school.

9.   The use of Cell phones is strictly prohibited.  A cell phone during Clinical Rotation IS NOT permitted and will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal of the program and /or the Clinical Rotation at Rio Grande Regional Hospital.

10.       Completion of the Professional Clinical Portfolio is a requirement to pass this class.


Health Science


I have read and understand these rules and agree to abide by them.  I will do my best to uphold these requirements in order to avoid being dismissed from the program and/or the clinical rotation at Rio Grande Regional Hospital



Print Student Name                        Student Signature                                   DATE



Print Parent/Guardian Name           Parent/Guardian Signature       DATE



Leadership Activities:

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is the student organization that provides leadership development on the local, area, state, and national level.  Participation enables the student to grow personally and to network with other students in a method similar to a professional organization.  HOSA provides opportunities to learn citizenship and participate in community service projects. HOSA is co-curricular and some leadership activities will be conducted within the classroom setting. 


Membership is optional but highly recommended for HST students. 

Cost for HOSA membership:

Dues:  $30 (includes national, state and local dues)                       


·         Ladies:  Navy blue skirt/pant suit, white blouse, dark hosiery, closed shoe

·         Gentlemen:  Navy blue suit, white collared shirt, maroon tie, dress shoe

·         Please log in to for competitive events and guidelines.


It is the policy of Sharyland ISD not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its vocational programs, services or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.



Rules for a safe laboratory environment:

A.     Student MUST pass safety and infection control exam prior to performing skills.

B.     Eating, drinking, or the application of cosmetics is strictly prohibited in the laboratory.

C.     Sitting or lying on clinical beds/wheelchairs is strictly prohibited unless practicing for skills test.

D.    Computers will ONLY be used for clinical research/reports with permission.

E.     Open toed shoes are not permitted during lab practical and clinical rotations.

F.      All personal belongings (purses and backpacks) must be kept away from the work surface to prevent germ transmission, cheating, and cell phone use

G.    Tie back long hair during lab practicals.

H.    Keep hands away from the face at all times.

I.       Personal protective equipment will be worn when necessary.

J.       If gloves become soiled, change immediately

K.    Always wash hands after removing gloves.

L.     DO NOT put pencils or pens in your mouth.

M.   Cover and protect exposed wounds.

N.    Locate all fire extinguishers in the laboratory.

O.    Disinfect the work space before and after each investigation. Use the 10% bleach solution for disinfectant if biohazards were used. 

P.      Handle all equipment, supplies and biohazards with EXTREME CAUTION!

Q.    Notify the instructor immediately of any incidents in lab or hospital.

R.     Place all materials in the appropriate containers upon completion of the laboratory investigation.

S.      Materials, supplies and biohazards must NEVER leave the laboratory workspace.

T.      If there is a drill, turn off all electrical equipment in use, and exit in an orderly fashion. (follow school procedures)

I have read and agree to follow the above safety guidelines.

I agree to report any accident or injury to the instructor immediately.

I will never use any equipment or supplies without obtaining permission from the instructor.







                  Print Student name


                   Student Signature



I have read and reviewed the above guidelines with my child.






                  Print Parent name


                   Parent Signature




Blood/Body Fluid Consent Form


Dear Parent:


Your son or daughter is presently enrolled in the Health Science Clinical Rotations course.  Students enrolled in this course will be using a variety of clinical equipment and supplies as used in the medical setting.  In order to fully understand the human functions, some laboratory investigations will include using simulated body fluids and/or their own body fluids for analysis.  Please note that fluids will not be shared and safety rules will be strictly enforced.  The student must attend a safety demonstration and pass a written safety exam in order to participate in these laboratory investigations.  Before the students use any equipment, an attached contract must be signed and returned before the end of the second week from issuing this form.


_____              My son / daughter, ________________________________ has my consent to participate in the HSTE laboratory investigations using simulated and/or personal body fluids.  (blood glucose analysis, blood typing, urinalysis, etc.)


_____              MY son/ daughter, __________________________ does not have my consent to participate in the HSTE laboratory investigations using simulated and / or personal body fluids.


_________________________________                              ___________                         
Parent Signature                                                                      Date

Delicate Topic Discussion Consent Form


Dear Parent:


As part of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills objectives, the Health Science classes will discuss sensitive topics such as:  Sexually Transmitted Diseases, consequences from lack of responsible sexuality, consequences of abortions, rape prevention, AIDS, how to cope with death and dying, substance abuse and prevention, and other ethical topics that are part of everyday scenarios in a clinical setting.  Since these topics are of a delicate nature, we ask to have your consent to have your child participate in the lectures and discussions.


My child, _______________________________ (circle) HAS / DOES NOT HAVE my permission to participate in any and all class discussions involving delicate topics related to the overall objectives of the lesson in any Health Science Technology class.




___________________________                          __________________                  
Parent Signature                                                                      Date