Spanish 1 S Syllabus

Spanish 1 S



Teacher Name:   Maribel Squibb                            


Teacher Email:  


Available Tutoring:                                          Tuesday 4:00 to 4:30

                                                                           Other days and times available by appointment

Course Outline/Timeline:

 This course is designed for students with knowledge of the Spanish language or culture. Students are expected to meet the requirements prescribed by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English by developing the four basic language competencies (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and engaging in the five Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.


This course also supports the Standards for Foreign Language Learning by providing clearly defined objectives, a variety of pair- and group-work activities so that students can use Spanish in a wide range of settings and contexts, and offering culture-related activities and questions that develop students’ insight and encourage them to develop observational and analytical skills.

First Semester




First three weeks


  • Introduction to course, class rules, procedures, and expectations
  • The Hispanic world.
  • Greetings
  • Descubro quién soy
  • Yo soy aquél.
  • Mis primeros versos
  • Los géneros literarios
  • Campos léxicos y campos semánticos
  • Hiatos, diptongos y triptongos
  • La carta personal
  • La improvisacion
  • La geneologia familiar
  • Herramientas de la comunicación


Seis semanas


  • Nuestro valor
  • Interludio
  • El Cuento
  • Los conectores lógicos.
  • Reglas de acentuación y su clasificación
  • El sustantivos
  • El cuento
  • Narración oral.
  • Imagen narrativa
  • Fotografía digital


Nueve semanas


  • La Amistad 
  • Don Quijote de la Mancha
  • La prosa y el verso
  • Los sinonimos
  • El acento diacrítico
  • Los pronombres
  • El resmen
  • La oratoria
  • Nado sincronizado
  • El correo electrónico




Second Semester 


Tres semanas


  • Recordémos nuestras raíces
  • Ten con ten
  • Vejigantes
  • El teatro
  • Los antónimos
  • La raya, el paréntesis y el guión
  • Los determinantes
  • Parlamentos y acotaciones
  • La dramatización
  • El cartel publicitario
  • El cine documental


Seis semnas


  • Nuestra identidad cultural
  • Cuando era puertorriqueño
  • La memoria
  • Préstamos linguísticos y extranjerismos
  • El punto y los puntos suspensivos
  • El adjetivo
  • La autobiografía
  • La rueda de prensa
  • Las fracciones
  • Los libros electrónicos


Nueve semanas


  • El puertorriqueño en su lengua
  • Amol se escribe con r
  • El ensayo
  • El español de Puerto Rico
  • Las comillas y los dos puntos
  • El verbo
  • El ensayo
  • El debate
  • Bibliotecas digitales
  • Los foros


Grading policy:

60% Major Assignments: Tests, Reports, Projects

40% Minor Assignments: Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Binders

**see district grading policy for specifications**


Course Expectations:


  • Guidelines for grading, late work, and absences

  • All students are expected to follow SHS rules. They are also expected to bring a positive attitude to class, be willing to learn, and participate. Foreign languages open up the world, but only to those willing to discover it. Therefore, enthusiasm is key to success.

Statement for Academic Dishonesty:

Academic integrity is fundamental to the activities and principles of our school. No student shall cheat or copy the work of another.  Plagiarism, the use of another person’s original ideas or writings as one’s own without giving credit to the true author, will be considered cheating, and the student will be subject to academic discipline that may include loss of credit for the work in question.