Spanish 2E


Spanish 2 English Speakers – Español 2 Monolingües


Martha Vargas


Monday & Tuesday 4:00-4:30 PM

And by appointment


In this class students will build upon the basic knowledge they already have of the Spanish language. They will continue to develop their vocabulary and grammar skills and they will also begin to use more complex tenses and structures. We will cover present tense, past tense and all of their irregular forms, future tense and conditional tense and all or their irregular forms. The class will focus on speaking, grammar, reading, and writing. We will be having interactive classes where students will have many opportunities to practice their vocabulary and speaking skills.  We will also be incorporating technology into the classroom to enhance participation. Students will be listening to music and watching videos in Spanish to hear real accents and dialogue. Students will be expected to participate on a daily basis. Participation and studying outside of the classroom is a huge part of being successful in Spanish 2.



·       Binder with 6 dividers

·       Textbook - ¡Buen Viaje! Level 2

· account (FREE)

     offers access to vocabulary flashcards to help you study for the quizzes!



Grades in Spanish 2 will be based on a variety of assignments. Students will have vocabulary quizzes, chapter exams, grammar exercises, and cultural activities that they complete in class, and a few projects they will complete outside of class. They also will be writing bell ringer activities in Spanish.

                                     Major assignments-60%

                                      Minor assignments-40%



Parents and students can check grades and progress online at,

Grades will be current every 2 weeks. Please check your grades often, it keeps you aware of where you stand and it keeps me accountable to post your grades on time.



We will have a music activity on a monthly basis. On this day, we will listen to several songs by a pre-selected artist. The class will participate in several activities that introduce them to music from Spanish speaking artists, such as listenining and identifying vocabulary words, putting lyrics in order, and translating lyrics.
Throughout the y
ear, you will have to complete TWO Major projects - they will require online research and work outside of class. I will allow ample time for you to work in the computer lab, however you will need to finalize these projects at home. If you do not have access to a computer and a printer at home, please make the necessary arrangements with time.



1. Review or pronunciation, vocabulary, basic grammar structures
2. Review common sentence structures (statements, questions, negatives, etc.)

3. Learn and practice more complex grammar structures (past tense forms and uses, future               tense, direct objects, reflexive verbs, etc.)
4. Exand and improve vocabulary
5. Develop and improve reading, writing
, and speaking skills
Organizational skills
7. In-depth cultural topics




  1.  Be on time to class, remain seated, and begin preparing your materials for the day’s lesson.


  1. Bring your materials to class EVERYDAY (binder/pen/pencil).


  1.  If absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for your make-up work from the teacher or a group partner.


  1. Always be respectful to your peers, teachers, classroom guests and/or substitutes.  Obscene language and bad manners will not be tolerated.


  1. You are NOT allowed to leave the classroom, unless you have permission from the teacher or substitute.


  1. No food and drinks allowed.


  1. Use the following heading on your paper for ALL ASSIGNMENTS:


                                    Top Right Hand Corner- First & Last Name



                                   First Line- Title of assignment and page numbers



*Students may address me as Señora Vargas.

*All the rules in the student handbook apply to this class (including B.Y.O.D. policies).

*Please do your best to make sure that all of your actions in the classroom are appropriate and considerate of others. 

*If you are not clear about an activity, assignment or teaching point, please ask right away.

*The classroom needs to be neat and clean at the end of each period. Please help put books away neatly and help pick up trash, even if it isn't yours.  Have pride in your school! J