Syllabus for Spanish III-E

INSTRUCTOR          Señora Margarita Tamez
TUTORING TIMES Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00-4:45                                    


The course begins with a review of essential Spanish I and II skills. Level of instruction assumes a basic knowledge of grammar concepts and vocabulary introduced in Spanish I and II. Emphasis is on communicating in Spanish through speaking and writing. Students will participate in individual, paired, and group activities as well as complete written and oral exercises to practice higher level vocabulary and grammar concepts. The primary focus of this course is to increase the students' ability to communicate in Spanish with ease and confidence.



Preliminary Unit

Para empezar

Tu vida diaria

Gramática- Review levels 1 and 2- Present tense


CH.1 Actividades al aire libre

Gramática- Past tense of regular and irregular verbs


CH. 2 ¿Cómo te expresas?

La música y el arte

Gramática- imperfect tense, imperfect v. preterite, ser y estar


CH.3 ¿Qué haces para estar en forma?

La salud y el ejercicio

Gramática- Formal and Informal Commands


CH.4 ¿Cómo te llevas con los demás?

Relaciones familiares y la amistad

Gramática- Uses of por and para, possessive pronouns, subjunctive with verbs of emotion


CH.5 Trabajo y comunidad

La entrevista de trabajo

Gramática- Present perfect


CH.6 ¿Qué nos traerá el futuro?

Future plans and predictions; career goals

Gramática- Formal and Informal Future tense


• Binder with six dividers, pen/pencil, and paper
• Textbook – Auténtico Level 3
• (FREE)
www.quizlet .com ( offers access to vocabulary flashcards to help you study for quizzes!)

Grades in Spanish 3 will be based on a variety of assignments. Students will have bell ringer activities, vocabulary quizzes, chapter exams, grammar exercises, cultural activities, and a few projects they will complete outside of class.
• Minor Assignment  40%
• Major Assignment  60%
Please visit the  Sharyland ISD website under the  Grading Policy tab for further information. Parents and students can check their grades online. Please check grades often, it keeps you aware of where you stand and it keeps me accountable to post your grades on a timely manner.

Throughout the semester students will have to complete several projects –some will require online research and work outside of class. Students will have plenty of time to work in the computer lab; however, they will need to finalize these projects at home. Please make arrangements to have access to a computer and a printer outside of school.

• Students may address me as Señora Tamez
• All the rules in the student handbook apply to this class
• Please read and observe BYOD policy on the district’s website
• Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings and stay there unless otherwise requested by teacher
• Please be respectful and do your best to make sure that all of your actions in the classroom make your parents proud
• Bring your materials to class everyday
• If you’re absent, not clear about an activity, assignment, or lesson, please check with your group partners or the teacher right away, and/or sign up to attend tutoring
• The classroom needs to be neat at the end of each period. Please help pick up trash, even if it isn’t yours…

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