Passive & Active Voice in the EOC

In the EOC test, they want you to be able to identify when PASSIVE voice is being used so that you correct it into ACTIVE voice.
Answer choices offered in passive voice will not be the answer to the revising and editing question- look for grammatically correct active voice.
ACTIVE VOICE:  When the SUBJECT of the sentence is doing the ACTION.  (Subject / Predicate) 
- ask yourself- what is being DONE in the sentence?  By whom or what?  The subject or person doing the action should be presented first.
EX)  Last July, Sandra went skiing across Lake Michigan. 
What is the verb or action?  ______________went skiing
Who / What did this?  ____________________Sandra
Despite it being an inverted sentence, it is an active sentence! 
PASSIVE VOICE:  When the ACTION is being done / performed BY the subject even if the subject is not mentioned.  (Predicate / Subject)
the term (preposition) "by" is a huge indicator of passive voice.
Ex) Last July, Lake Michigan was skied across by Sandra.
Ex)  Sandra was paid last Friday.
*Remember, Sandra skied across the lake!!! Because the action is being done BY her, it is passive.
*Sandra is not doing the paying... it is assumed she is being paid BY someone... probably her boss,,, therefore passive voice.
Go to the following link to practice more.