The Little Prince

The Little Prince Online

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Part One - Chapters 1-9

Questions to consider. For each question, respond to only one letter option in your composition book. Be sure you explain your thoughts and/or reasoning by supporting with a form of evidence. Your response should not be less than 3/4 of your page, nor than more than one page. On the opposite side of the writing, be sure to include a visual to accompany your understanding of the question and/or response to it.


Part Two (chapter 10-15)

Follow the same directions as part one. Respond to one letter option for each main prompt. Cannot be more than one page in length and must be supported with evidence. On the opposite side of the paper, to it's right, will be a visual justification for your understanding of the question, concept, or answer.


Part 3: Complete the Book & Themes in The Little Prince

Of the many themes taught from the book, which do you feel most connected or affected by? Choose one of the following themes presented. Summarize what happened to present the theme, and then explain why you connect to it the most or were affected the most by it? Support with evidence. It must be an entire page of writing. On the right hand side, provide a visual.


Exupery's writing style

Understanding style