I Am a Leader

I Am a Leader Querencia

On the back side of the origami "house" should be a picture of Queen Elizabeth I, her title, the type of leader she is with a line from her speech that supports this characterization.  Her Tone, Her Purpose, and two examples of diction from her speech that are most effective.
1.  You must first decide how you are a leader in your current life
2.  Choose and print and apply this picture as a "leader" in the inside of the "house", behind the doors
3.  The outside of the "house" should reflect the setting of your leadership- WHERE you are a leader- should correspond with picture
4.  The inside, surrounding your leader picture is a collage, detailed picture, words, phrases, that enhance and/or further detail you as a leader in the picture / context of the "house"
5.  PERSPECTIVE POEM.  CHOOSE 4 items that are connected to you as a leader and the setting.  What would they say about you that reveals WHY you are a leader or HOW you lead or WHEN you lead or WHO you lead...... This will be written in the two available "panels on the inside of your querencia.
*This poem will be written about you in third person- focus on pronouns.
The first line should begin with He / She (or your name) is a _____________ (what you are as a leader).
You should then have 4 small stanzas that focus on the perspective of objects and what they say about you- incorporate imagery, details, language, diction, and syntax.
The last line should end with YOUR NAME is a ___________________ leader.  Choose an appropriate adjective to use to describe yourself as a leader based on what the objects said about you.
Julissa is the LEO Club advisor.
She is involved, says the soft cotton red and white baseball shirt she loves to wear
every Friday at school and at various community service events displaying the
LEO emblem with great love and pride
She is organized, say the manila folders, spirals, and binders she keeps tucked
neatly in a bookshelf behind her desk, a space in the bookshelf she dedicated just
for LEO club with contracts, and letters, and applications, and community service hours
She is motherly and strong, says the stuffed mascot lion that sits sweetly on her bookshelf,
surveying the members and offering warm, snuggly hugs to all who need one after a long day
at school or weekend of giving.
But she is not complacent, says the telephone and computer that she uses to network with other
organizations and chambers to offer her members opportunities and encouragement unimaginable!
Julissa is a Motivating Leader, a LEO Momma.