College Transition NOOK!

  1. Course Syllabus for Sharyland High School

College Transition 2015-2016


Instructor name: Julissa Sanchez  

                                          Conference block: 2nd       

                                          Phone Extension: 1339


Course Information:       College Transition 4th period; State Elective Credit Course  

Course Description: This is an elective course designed for high school students to focus on college and career preparedness. It will give you an overview of key knowledge and skills you will need for the transition to college life. You will identify your educational goals, personal strengths, and areas for development; become familiar with college resources and services, visit colleges and/or universities, attend presentations from community/business members and colleges, and briefly explore strategies for academic success such as time management and study skills.

Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to help you transition into and succeed in high school dual enrollment and post-secondary education.


Course Objectives: The goal of the 10th Grade College Transition course is to teach students the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that can lead to success in learning. Some of the topics that will be covered in 10th Grade College Transition are:

  • College/Career Resume Building which is important for college and scholarship applications

  • Preparation for college entrance/placements exams

  • TSI testing in Reading, Writing, and Math (required college placement exam)

  • Financial aid overview

  • Organizational skills to include time management

  • Teen Leadership components that will teach students to take responsibility, express themselves, handle problems and decisions when they arise.

  • Portfolio design, building, presentation

  • Community Service Information and Opportunities

Instructional Methods: This course will include the following teaching and learning methods: lecture, individual application exercises, small group activities, class discussions and homework assignments.

Required Texts/Materials:

  1. Achieve College Success... by Raymond Gerson and Teen Leadership

  2. A 1 ½ to 2 inch binder.

  3. A spiral notebook for keeping a journal (optional)




Assignment Due

Week 1



Unit 1: Turn Dreams into Goals: Class Introduction


Weeks 2-3


Unit 2: Study Habits and Goals


Weeks 4-5


Unit 3: Career Development


Weeks 6-7


Unit 4: Understanding Ourselves


Weeks 8-9


Unit 5: Learning Styles and Public Speaking


Week 10


Unit 6: Time Management


Weeks 11-12


Unit 7: Test Taking Strategies and Taking Responsibility


Weeks 13-14


Unit 8: Critical Thinking


Week 15


Unit 9: Self Evaluation







I acknowledge having received the syllabus and having read it carefully. I understand and agree to the requirements and policies stated in the syllabus and will ask for clarification whenever I am not sure of what is expected of me in this class.

My goal is to be successful in my studies and to support that goal I agree to maintain contact with my instructor during the semester and to discuss my situation with him if complications arise or I am thinking about withdrawing.


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