Algebra I Pre-AP Syllabus

                     Algebra 1 Pre-AP                      
SYLLABUS Fall 2018


Welcome to Alg. 1 Pre-AP, it is really great to be back to school.  Before starting this course, you are expected to have a thorough knowledge of all of the pre-algebra concepts including: adding subtracting, multiplying and dividing with integers, fractions and decimals.  Also, you are expected to know how to solve simple one step equations, percentages, and logic.

This is a very rigorous course that covers the objectives outlined by the State of Texas Algebra 1 curriculum.  It is essential that you complete all of the assigned practice work in order to be successful in this class.  You will find this class to be rigorous but fair.  There will be no late homework and no retests in this class.  At the end of the course, you are expected to pass the Algebra I EOC exam.

This year, each class test will be set up to reflect the rigor that is in the Algebra 1 EOC exam.  It will have two parts, calculator and no calculator.  Each of these parts will also have two sections, multiple choice and free response. 

In addition to the tests, quizzes will usually be like the type you are used to, made-up by the teacher.  These quizzes will be timed, so it is important that you are in class on time every day.   

You will be given an assignment sheet each grading period with all of the assignments, quizzes and tests.  This is to help you keep up and to be ready to study for tests, however there may be changes.

Remember, when you are absent, you are expected to keep up and do all of the assignments. 

If you need extra help, there are several options available, but do no wait until you are totally lost.

  1. Tutoring: Monday - Friday from 7:30 – 7:45 AM.
  2. You can form a study group with your classmates.
  3. You can get a tutor.

Grades will be determined by two categories:

Minor Grades (Daily Assignments and Quizzes): 40%

Major Assignments (Tests and Class Projects): 60%