WH AP Assignments Spring Semester (2nd/3rd blocks)

Chapter Outline Grading Rubric

Complete all sections
Page Requirement (4-6 pages) 
Main ideas (most important topic from paragraph)
Supporting evidence (1-3 pieces of supporting evidence per main idea)

* outlines must be handwritten 
* main ideas/supporting evidence should be written in your own words 


Chapter 1 Outline

The Neolithic Revolution

  1. Human achievements during the stone age (main idea)
    1. Limited knowledge because of the time period (supporting evidence)
    2. Archaeologists have interpreted cave paintings and burial sites
    3. Humans learned to make and manipulate tools
  2. Invention of agriculture
    1. Human beings can stay in one spot
    2. Focus on economic, political, and religious matters
    3. Increase in the number of people living in the world

Chapter 20 outline due March 19 (Tuesday)

The Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors to Empire Builders (1-4); A State Geared to Warfare (1-2); The Sultans and Their Court (1-3); Constantinople Restored and the flowering of Ottoman Culture (1-5); The Problem of Ottoman Decline (1-4); Military Reverses and the Ottoman Retreat (1-3); The Shi'ite Challenge of the Safavids (1-5); Politics and War Under the Safavid Shahs (1-3); State and Religion (1-4); Society and Gender Roles: Ottoman and Safavid Comparisons (1-4); The Rapid Demise of the Safavid Empire (1-2); The Mughals and the Apex of Muslim Civilization (1-4); Akbar and the Basis for a Lasting Empire (1-5); Mughal Splendor and Early European Conquests (1-5); The Beginnings of Imperial Decline (1-7)

Chapter 21 
Reading Guide due March 21 (Thursday)

Chapter 22 outline due March 25 (Monday)

The Asian Trading World and the Coming of the Europeans (1-2); Bonds of Commerce: The Asian Sea Trading Network (1-5); Trading Empire: The Portuguese Response to the Encounter at Calicut (1-4); Portuguese Vulnerability and the Rise of the Dutch and English Trading Empires (1-4); Going Ashore: European Tribute Systems in Asia (1); Modest Returns: The Early Impact of Europeans in Maritime Asia (1-2); Ming China: A Global Mission Refused (1-2); Another Scholar-Gentry Revival (1-2); A Return to Scholar-Gentry Social Dominance (1-4); An Age of Growth: Agriculture, Population, Commerce, and the Arts (1-4); Chinese Retreat and the Arrival of the Europeans (1-2); Ming Decline and the Chinese Predicament (1-3); Dealing with the European Challenge (1-3); Japan's Self-Imposed Isolation (1-3)

Chapter 20-22 TEST  March 25 (Monday)