WH AP Assignments Spring Semester (2nd/3rd blocks)

Chapter Outline Grading Rubric

Complete all sections
Page Requirement (4-6 pages) 
Main ideas (most important topic from paragraph)
Supporting evidence (1-3 pieces of supporting evidence per main idea)

* outlines must be handwritten 
* main ideas/supporting evidence should be written in your own words 


Chapter 1 Outline

The Neolithic Revolution

  1. Human achievements during the stone age (main idea)
    1. Limited knowledge because of the time period (supporting evidence)
    2. Archaeologists have interpreted cave paintings and burial sites
    3. Humans learned to make and manipulate tools
  2. Invention of agriculture
    1. Human beings can stay in one spot
    2. Focus on economic, political, and religious matters
    3. Increase in the number of people living in the world

Chapter 1 - outline due January 15 (Tuesday)

The Neolithic Revolution (1-14); Civilization (1-14); Tigris-Euphrates Civilization (1-8); The Heritage of River Valley Civilizations (1-8)

Chapter 2 Reading Guide due January 16 (Wednesday)

Chapter 3 outline due January 18  (Friday)

The Framework for Indian History (1-9); Patterns in Classical India (1-9); Political Institutions (1-9)

Chapter 4 Reading Guide due January 22 (Tuesday)

Chapter 5 Create note card/study for Test!

Chapter 1-5 Test: January 23 (Wednesday)