WH AP Assignments Fall Semester (2nd block)

Chapter Outline Grading Rubric

Complete all sections
Page Requirement (4-6 pages) 
Main ideas (most important topic from paragraph)
Supporting evidence (1-3 pieces of supporting evidence per main idea)

* outlines must be handwritten 
* main ideas/supporting evidence should be written in your own words 

Chapter 1 - outline due August 30 (Thursday)

The Neolithic Revolution (1-14); Civilization (1-14); Tigris-Euphrates Civilization (1-8); The Heritage of River Valley Civilizations (1-8)

Chapter 2 Reading Guide due August 31 (Friday)

Chapter 3 outline due September 4  (Tuesday)

The Framework for Indian History (1-9); Patterns in Classical India (1-9); Political Institutions (1-9)

Chapter 4 Reading Guide due September 6 (Thursday)

Chapter 5 Create note card/study for Test!

Chapter 1-5 Test: September 6 (Thursday)

Chapter 6 outline due September 11 (Tuesday)

Desert and Town: The Arabian World and the Birth of Islam (1-3); Clan Identity, Clan Rivalries, and the Cycle of Vengeance (1-3); Towns and Long-Distance Trade (1-3); Marriage and Family in Pre-Islamic Arabia (1); The Life of Muhammad and the Genesis of Islam (1-4); Persecution, Flight, and Victory (1-3); Arabs and Islam (1-4); Universal Elements in Islam (1-2); the Arab Empires of the Umayyads (1); Consolidation and Daoism in the Islamic Community (1); Motives for Arab conquests (1); Weaknesses of Adversary Empires (1-3); The Problem of Succession and the Sunni-Shi'i Split (1-3); The Umayyad Imperium (1-2); Converts and People of the Book (1-2); Family and Gender Roles in the Umayyad Age (1-2); Umayyad Decline and Fall (1-4); From Arab to Islamic Empire: The Early Abbasid Era (1-4); Islamic Conversion and Mawali Acceptance (1); Commercial Boom and Urban Growth (1)

Chapter 7     No assignment - prepare notecard/study

Chapter 8 outline due September 14 (Friday)

African Societies: Diversity and Similarities (1); Common Elements in African Societies (1-7); The Arrival of Islam in North Africa (1-4); Kingdoms of the Grasslands (1-3); Sudanic States (2-3); The Empire of Mali and Sundiata, The "Lion Prince" (1-3); City Dwellers and Villages (1-3); The Songhay Kingdom (1-6); Political and Social Life in the Sudanic States (1-5); The Swahili Coast of East Africa (1); The Coastal Trading Ports (1-3); The Mixture of Cultures on the Swahili Coast (1-2) 

Ch 6-8 Test September 14 (Friday)

Chapter 9 outline due September 18 (Tuesday)

Origins of Europe (1-2); Justinian's Achievements (1-4); Arab Pressure and Empire's Defenses (1-4); Byzantine Religion, Society, and Politics (1-5); The Split Between East and West (1-2); The Empire's Decline (1-2); The Emergence of Kievan Rus (1-4); Institutions and Culture in Kievan Rus' (1-4); Kievan Decline (1)

Chapter 10 
Reading Guide due September 21 (Friday)

Chapter 11 - STUDY for Ch 9-11 Test

Chapter 9-11 TEST September 21 (Friday)

Chapter 12 outline due September 26 (Wednesday)

The Emergence of the Tang and the Restoration of the Empire (2); Rebuilding the Bureaucracy (2); The Growing Importance of the Examination System (2); State and Religion in the Tang-Song Era (3); The Anti-Buddhist Backlash (2); Tang Decline and the Rise of the Song (4); Founding of the Song Dynasty (1); Song Politics: Settling for Partial Restoration (2); The Revival of Confucian Thought (3); Roots of Decline: Attempts at Reform (2); Reaction and Disaster: The Flight to the South (1); Tang and Song Prosperity: The Basis of a Golden Age (3); A New Phase of Commercial Expansion (3); Family and Society in the Tang-Song Era (3); The Neo-Confucian Assertion of Male Dominance (4)

Chapter 13 - read the chapter

Chapter 14 
Reading Guide due September 28  (Friday)

Chapter 15 outline due October 2 (Tuesday)

The Decline of Old Order (1); Social and Cultural Decline in the Middle East (2-4); A Power Vacuum in International Leadership (1-2); Chinese Thrust and Withdrawal (1-7); Rise of the West (1-3); Sources of Dynamism: Medieval Vitality (1); Imitation and International Problems (1-3); Secular Directions in the Italian Renaissance (1-2); The Iberian Spirit of Christian Mission (1-2); Early Explorations (1-2); Colonial Patterns (1-3)

Chapter 12-15 Test October 2 (Tuesday)

Chapter 16 Reading Guide due October 11 (Thursday)

Chapter 17 outline due October 17 (Wednesday)

The West's First Outreach: Maritime Power (1-3); New Technology: A Key to Power (1); Portugal and Spain Lead the Pack (1-6); Northern European Expeditions (1-5); The "Colombian Exchange" of Disease and Food (1-2); The West's Commercial Outreach (3); Imbalances in World Trade (1-4); How Much of the World Economy? (1-4); The Expansionist Trend (1-4); The Americas: Loosely Controlled Colonies (1-4); Africa and Asia: Coastal Trading (1-6); Impact on Western Europe (1-2)

Chapter 18  no assignment - study for final/project

Chapter 19 no assignment - study for final/project

Semester 1 Exam: October 17/18 (Wednesday/Thursday)


Chapter 20 outline due October 21 (Tuesday)

The Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors to Empire Builders (1-4); A State Geared to Warfare (1-2); The Sultans and Their Court (1-3); Constantinople Restored and the flowering of Ottoman Culture (1-5); The Problem of Ottoman Decline (1-4); Military Reverses and the Ottoman Retreat (1-3); The Shi'ite Challenge of the Safavids (1-5); Politics and War Under the Safavid Shahs (1-3); State and Religion (1-4); Society and Gender Roles: Ottoman and Safavid Comparisons (1-4); The Rapid Demise of the Safavid Empire (1-2); The Mughals and the Apex of Muslim Civilization (1-4); Akbar and the Basis for a Lasting Empire (1-5); Mughal Splendor and Early European Conquests (1-5); The Beginnings of Imperial Decline (1-7)

Chapter 21 
Reading Guide due October 26 (Friday)

Chapter 22 - create notecard/study for test

Chapter 20-22 TEST  October 26 (Friday)

Chapter 23 Reading Guide due October 31 (Wednesday)

Chapter 24 outline due November 6 (Tuesday)

The Shift to Land Empires in Asia (1-2); Prototype: The Dutch Advance on Java (1-2); Pivots of World Empire: The Rise of British Rule in India (1-3); The Consolidation of British Rule (1-3); Early Colonial Society in India and Java (1-4); Industrial Rivalries and the Partition of the World, 1870-1914 (1-4); Unequal Combat: Colonial Wars and the Apex of European Imperialism (1-5); Patterns of Dominance: Continuity and Change (1-4); Colonial Regimes and African and Asian Peoples (1-3); Changing Social Relations Between Colonizer and Colonized (1-3); Shifts in Methods of Economic Extraction (1-4); Settler Colonies and White Dominions: South Africa (1-8)

Chapter 23-24 TEST November 6 (Tuesday)

Chapter 25 Reading Guide assignment doesn't need to be turned in, but can be used as a study tool for the test

Chapter 26 outline due November 12 (Monday)

From Empire to Nation: Ottoman Retreat and the Birth of Turkey (1-4), Reform and Survival (1-6); Repression and Revolt (1-7); Western Intrusions and the Crisis in the Arab Islamic Heartlands (1); Muhammad Ali and the Failure of Westernization in Egypt (1-7); Bankruptcy, European Intervention, and Strategies of Resistance (1-2); The Last Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the Qing Empire in China (1-6); Economy and Society in the Early Centuries of Qing Rule (1-6); Rot From Within: Bureaucratic Breakdown and Social Disintegration (1-6); Barbarians at the Southern Gates: The Opium War and After (1-7); A Civilization at Risk: Rebellion and Failed Reforms (1-5); The Fall of the Qing (1-3); The End of a Civilization? (1)

Chapter 27 
Reading Guide due November 13 (Tuesday)

Chapter 25-27 TEST November 13 (Tuesday)  

Chapter 28 outline due November 26 (Monday) 

The Onset of World War I (1-3); Patterns of War in Europe (1-5); The War's End (1-2); The Peace and the Aftermath (1-3); The War's Devastation and Dislocations (1-5); Causes of Economic Instability (1-4); Collapse and Crisis (1-2); Worldwide Impact (1-5); World War II (1); New Authoritarian Regimes (1-5); The Steps Toward War (1-6); The Course of War: Japan's Advance and Retreat (1-2); Germany Overreaches (1-7); Human Costs (1-2); The Cold War and Decolonization (1-11)

Chapter 29 Reading Guide due November 27 (Tuesday)

Chapter 28-29 TEST November 27 (Tuesday)