B.Y.O.D. Overview

Bring Your Own Device

With the district-wide B.Y.O.D. Initiative, the classroom use of a student's mobile phone, tablet, and laptop is allowed under teacher discretion and permission for instructional purposes only. B.Y.O.D. is used periodically in my class to aid in completing assignments and activities but is not required nor needed to complete the assignments. However,certain district policies and classroom rules for the use of B.Y.O.D. in my classroom do apply and are listed below along with useful information to get the most out of this initiative.

B.Y.O.D. Guidelines:
All devices used in class must abide by the following Sharyland I.S.D. Guidelines in order to be used in class:

-  “Technology is allowed for educational purposes only”
- “Connecting devices to school printers, computers, speakers, etc. is prohibited”
- “Technology may NOT be used to record, transmit, or post pictures or video”
- “Technology must be in silent mode”
- “B.Y.O.D. is a Privilege, Not a Right”
-  B.Y.O.D. can only be used during designated times.
-  The use of earbuds or headphones is NOT allowed without permission.
-  B.Y.O.D. CANNOT be used during lecture or note taking unless permission is given.
-  B.Y.O.D. CANNOT be used for tests, essays, quizzes, etc.
-  The device must be clearly visible at all times.
-  Technology may NOT be used to make phones calls, text message, instant message, etc.
-  Students are responsible for their electronic device and its content.  

B.Y.O.D. Infractions & Procedures:
Electronic devices may only be used for educational purposes and with teacher permission.

1st Infraction: Student will be asked to put away their device for the rest of the block.
2nd Infraction: The device will be confiscated for the rest of the block.
3rd Infraction: The device will be confiscated and turned into the front office.
"Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed,
will revolutionize the way we learn."
-Steve Jobs