National Honor Society Selection Criteria





The following is the criteria which will be used for selection to the Sharyland High School National Honor Society.


Part I:     Required Criteria:  All candidates must fulfill all three parts of the following before being considered for selection to the National Honor Society.


1.       3.8 GPA (This will change for the graduating class of 2018 and beyond)

2.       All candidates must have completed 4 Pre-AP/AP/DE and must be enrolled in at least 1 Pre-AP/AP/DE class before being inducted to the national Honor Society and must have a total of 8 Pre-AP/AP/DE classes before the student’s graduation ceremony.

3.       All candidates must complete all parts of the Student Activity Form.


Part II:   No candidate can receive more than one (1) denial in the following categories:


A.      Attendance:  Loss of credit in a class will constitute a denial.  Three Unexcused Absences will constitute a denial.

B.      Teacher Non-recommendations:  Three negative comments constitute a denial.

C.      Discipline:  Students who receive 3 or more strikes from any combination of the following will constitute a denial.

1.    1 referral of a level two infraction = 1 strike.

2.    1 referral of a level three infraction = 2 strikes.

3.    1 referral of a level four infraction = Automatic denial to NHS

4.    1 assignment to DAEP/Bridges = Automatic denial to NHS

D.      Failing semester grade(s) will constitute a denial for each failing grade.

E.      Not successfully completing EOC exams taken will constitute a denial.


Part III:  Student Reconsideration:  A junior student may be reconsidered for membership to the Sharyland High School National Honor Society in the fall of his/her senior year.  Only documentation of student records from the previous calendar year will be considered.  Non-selected students due to DAEP/Bridges assignment will not be eligible for reconsideration a second time.