WH AP Assignments 2018-2019 (4th Period)

Chapter Outline Grading Rubric

Complete all sections
Page Requirement (4-6 pages) 
Main ideas (most important topic from paragraph)
Supporting evidence (1-3 pieces of supporting evidence per main idea)
* outlines must be handwritten 
* main ideas/supporting evidence should be written in your own words 


Chapter 1 Outline

The Neolithic Revolution

  1. Human achievements during the stone age (main idea)
    1. Limited knowledge because of the time period (supporting evidence)
    2. Archeologists have interpreted cave paintings and burial sites
    3. Humans learned to make and manipulate tools
  2. Invention of agriculture
    1. Human beings can stay in one spot
    2. Focus on economic, political, and religious matters
    3. Increase in the number of people living in the world

Chapter 20 outline due January 14 (Monday)

The Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors to Empire Builders (1-4); A State Geared to Warfare (1-2); The Sultans and Their Court (1-3); Constantinople Restored and the flowering of Ottoman Culture (1-5); The Problem of Ottoman Decline (1-4); Military Reverses and the Ottoman Retreat (1-3); The Shi'ite Challenge of the Safavids (1-5); Politics and War Under the Safavid Shahs (1-3); State and Religion (1-4); Society and Gender Roles: Ottoman and Safavid Comparisons (1-4); The Rapid Demise of the Safavid Empire (1-2); The Mughals and the Apex of Muslim Civilization (1-4); Akbar and the Basis for a Lasting Empire (1-5); Mughal Splendor and Early European Conquests (1-5); The Beginnings of Imperial Decline (1-7)

Reading Guide due January 17 (Thursday)

Chapter 22 outline due January 22 (Tuesday)

The Asian Trading World and the Coming of the Europeans (1-2); Bonds of Commerce: The Asian Sea Trading Network (1-5); Trading Empire: The Portuguese Response to the Encounter at Calicut (1-4); Portuguese Vulnerability and the Rise of the Dutch and English Trading Empires (1-4); Going Ashore: European Tribute Systems in Asia (1); Modest Returns: The Early Impact of Europeans in Maritime Asia (1-2); Ming China: A Global Mission Refused (1-2); Another Scholar-Gentry Revival (1-2); A Return to Scholar-Gentry Social Dominance (1-4); An Age of Growth: Agriculture, Population, Commerce, and the Arts (1-4); Chinese Retreat and the Arrival of the Europeans (1-2); Ming Decline and the Chinese Predicament (1-3); Dealing with the European Challenge (1-3); Japan's Self-Imposed Isolation (1-3)

Chapter 20-22 Test January 22-23 (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Chapter 23 Reading Guide due January 31 (Thursday)

Chapter 24 outline due February 6 (Wednesday)

The Shift to Land Empires in Asia (1-2); Prototype: The Dutch Advance on Java (1-2); Pivots of World Empire: The Rise of British Rule in India (1-3); The Consolidation of British Rule (1-3); Early Colonial Society in India and Java (1-4); Industrial Rivalries and the Partition of the World, 1870-1914 (1-4); Unequal Combat: Colonial Wars and the Apex of European Imperialism (1-5); Patterns of Dominance: Continuity and Change (1-4); Colonial Regimes and African and Asian Peoples (1-3); Changing Social Relations Between Colonizer and Colonized (1-3); Shifts in Methods of Economic Extraction (1-4); Settler Colonies and White Dominions: South Africa (1-8)

Chapter 23-24 TEST February 6/7 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Chapter 25 read the chapter

Chapter 26 outline due Feb 13 (Wednesday)

From Empire to Nation: Ottoman Retreat and the Birth of Turkey (1-4), Reform and Survival (1-6); Repression and Revolt (1-7); Western Intrusions and the Crisis in the Arab Islamic Heartlands (1); Muhammad Ali and the Failure of Westernization in Egypt (1-7); Bankruptcy, European Intervention, and Strategies of Resistance (1-2); The Last Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the Qing Empire in China (1-6); Economy and Society in the Early Centuries of Qing Rule (1-6); Rot From Within: Bureaucratic Breakdown and Social Disintegration (1-6); Barbarians at the Southern Gates: The Opium War and After (1-7); A Civilization at Risk: Rebellion and Failed Reforms (1-5); The Fall of the Qing (1-3); The End of a Civilization? (1)

Chapter 27 outline due Feb 20 (Wednesday)

  Russia Before Reform (1-5); Economic and Social Problems: The Peasant Question (1-4); The Reform Era and Early Industrialization (1-11); The Road to Revolution (1-10); The Revolution of 1905 (1-4); Russia and Eastern Europe (1-2); The Final Decades of the Shogunate (1-7); The Challenge of Isolation (1-5); Industrial and Political Change in Meiji State (1-5); Japan's Industrial Revolution (1-7); Social and Cultural Effects of Industrialization (1-8)

Chapter 25-27 Test February 20/21 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Chapter 28 outline due March 5 (Tuesday) 

The Onset of World War I (1-3); Patterns of War in Europe (1-5); The War's End (1-2); The Peace and the Aftermath (1-3); The War's Devastation's and Dislocations (1-5); Causes of Economic Instability (1-4); Collapse and Crisis (1-2); Worldwide Impact (1-5); World War II (1); New Authoritarian Regimes (1-5); The Steps Toward War (1-6); The Course of War: Japan's Advance and Retreat (1-2); Germany Overreaches (1-7); Human Costs (1-2); The Cold War and Decolonization (1-11)

Chapter 29 outline due March 19 (Tuesday)

The Disarray in the West (1); The Roaring '20s (1-5); The Impact of the Depression (1-4); The Challenge of Fascism (1-6); After World War II (1); Europe and Its Colonies (1-4); The Cold War (1-3); New Directions in the West (1); The Spread of Liberal Democracy (1-3); The Welfare State (1-6); The Diplomatic Context (3-4); Economic Expansion (1-9); Postindustrial Social Structure (1-2); Western Culture: Creativity and Uncertainty (1-10)

Chapter 28-29 TEST  March 19/20 (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Chapter 30 Reading Guide due March 28 (Thursday)

Chapter 31 Outline due April 4 (Thursday)

Japan's Ongoing Development (1-3); Political Crisis and Growing Militarism (1-3); Change in Other Pacific Rim Areas (1-4); East Asia in the Postwar Settlements (1); New Divisions and the End of Empires (1); Japanese Recovery (1-5); Korea: Intervention and War (1-4); Emerging Stability in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore (1-5); The Distinctive Political and Cultural Style (1-6); The Economic Surge (1-9); The Korean Miracle (1-4); Advances in Taiwan and City-States (1-5); Common Themes and New Problems (1-3)

Chapter 30-31 TEST April 4/5 (Thursday/Friday)

Chapter 32 Reading Guide due April 12 (Friday)

Chapter 33 outline due April 18 (Thursday)

India: The Makings of the Nationalist Challenge to the British Raj (1-3); Social Foundations of a Mass Movement (1-3); The Rise of Militant Nationalism (1-4); World War I and the Postwar Crisis of the European Empires (1-3); India: Gandhi and the Nationalist Struggle (1-5); The Rise of Communalism and the Beginnings of Political Fragmentation (1-5); The Middle East: Betrayal and the Growth of Arab Nationalism (1-6); Another Global War and the Collapse of the European World Order (1-2); The Winning of Independence in South and Southeast Asia (1-7); The Liberation of Nonsettler Africa (1-7); Repression and Guerrilla War (1-6); The Persistence of White Supremacy in South Africa (1-4); Conflicting Nationalisms: Arabs, Israelis, and the Palestinian Question (1-3)

Chapter 34 Outline due April 26 (Friday)

The Challenges of Independence (1-3); The Population Bomb (1-10); Parasitic Cities and Endangered Ecosystems (1-5); Paths to Economic Growth and Social Justice (1-2); Charismatic Populists and One-Party Rule (1-5); Military Responses: Dictatorships and Revolutions (1-14); The Indian Alternative: Development for Some of the People (1-5); Iran: Religious Revivalism and the Rejection of the West (1-9); South Africa: the Apartheid State and Its Demise (1-8)

Chapter 35 outline due May 2 (Thursday)

The Struggle for China (1-2); The May Fourth Movement and the Rise of the Marxist Alternative (1-10); The Seizure of Power by the Guomindang, or Nationalist Party (1-8); Mao and the Peasant Option (1-4); Reaction versus Revolution and the Communist Victory (1-11); Mao's China and Beyond (1-4); Planning for Economic Growth and Social Justice (1-4); The Great Leap Backward (1-5); "Women Hold up Half of the Heavens" (1-5); Mao's Last Campaign and the Fall of the Gang of Four (1-6)