Officer's Advice

Importance of Recycling, A BPA Officers Perspective

Heon Lee

            There are many reasons why it is important to recycle, some of the main reasons why we have to recycle are: to save energy and natural resources, recycling reduces the need for more landfills, and prevent various type of pollution.  For instance, if you recycle the manufacturer does not have to produce something extra new from raw natural resources, which will save the manufacturer from using more energy and purchasing resources to create products.  In addition, the use of recycling in our daily life can halt the government from building new landfills for the wastes, as well as saving the amount of the waste sent to landfills.  Furthermore, if everyone performs recycling, we can preclude land contamination from harmful substances, air pollution, and other factors.


Heon Lee

Many people do not know the importance of recycling and do not even care about protecting the environment; however, it is essential for everyone to inquire how to recycle different types of materials and know the importance of recycling so that we can live in a clean environment, as well as protecting the environment for the next generations. 

We, at Sharyland High School and our Business Professionals of America Chapter teach others about the importance of recycling and practice daily recycling.  For example, every single one of our Business Education classrooms has a blue recycling bin where we place paper, empty plastic or glass bottles, cardboard, and other recyclable items.  We speak about it often in our meetings and remind all members that it is our duty to keep our Earth and school clean.  As BPA Parliamentarian it is my duty to keep order in our chapter, and part of keeping order is also to insure that we are all doing our part to keep our Earth and school clean, and conserving it for generations to come.